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The poster contest press release 2017






The poster project "Russia. The third path" was born in the Tula land. For 2013, 2015, thousands of works were received from most regions of Russia and CIS countries.

The main goal of the Third Russian national poster competition in 2017 is to attract attention to the province, the importance of a small homeland, its popularization and support.

The motto of the project of 2017 “What is Motherland to you?”  calls for the establishment of traditional spiritual cultural values, for the return of moral truths, to historical roots. Foreign guests of the third open competition of the poster are invited to portray the peculiarities of their own states and lands.

A wide range of topics is offered about a specific region, not only its cultural and historical heritage and achievements, but also today's problems, peculiarities, ideas about the future of its homeland:

The Outland is the heart of the nation
From consumption to creation.
Older and younger generations as a part of our past and future.
Togetherness is the solution for all problems.
“Have a respect for your neighbor’s feelings and thoughts” D.S. Likhachev.
Dialogue of cultures as the world understanding.
For clean environment and cities (2017 is the Year of ecology in Russia).
Times of change (the centennial of the revolution in 1917).

Posters of your own topic are accepted, which are consonant with the proposed general motto.

The project implementation shall be carried out remotely in the online mode. Section POSTERS COMPETITION on the project website www.tretyput.ru provides REGULATIONS and terms of the competition.  Poster formats should be not more than 120 cm on the larger side. For digitized mockups, the resolution is 200 dpi in a 1:1 scale in the CMYK format.

              For pre-selection, poster reproductions are accepted by e-mail infoplakat@tretyput.ru, A4 format files in RGB, jpg with a resolution of 200 dpi, compression (Quality) 7. The file is named in Latin letters by author`s and city name, with the serial number in the case of submission of several works without a space (for example: ivanov_moskva01). The letter is accompanied by the information of the authors in English (or Russian) language in Microsoft Word format, indicating the name, year of birth of the author / authors, e-mail, phone, detailed address, filenames, names and year of the poster creation. Confirmation of receipt of works for pre-selection can be obtained on the site www.tretyput.ru in the section "Poster Competition" after the placement of the reproduction.

The deadline for accepting posters is September 25, 2017, in October the winners will be announced and awarded.

The geography of the submitted works can be seen on the project site www.tretyput.ru.

The best works shall be determined based on the competition results by the highly professional jury members, consisting of:

Vladimir  Chaika – Moscow, Russia.

Yuris Dimiters – Riga, Latvia.

Alexander Faldin – Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Vladimir Tsesler – Minsk, Belarus.

Kamil  Zainetdinov – Moscow, Russia.

The project initiated by natives of Tula is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Union of Artists of Russia and the Union of Designers of Russia, the Government of the Tula Region, governments, creative Unions of many regions of Russia.

The organizing committee of the competition forms a bonus fund of the project, distributes special prizes and diplomas.

As a result of the competition, a booklet, a catalog, an album, a calendar with the best posters of the project are issued.

Summing up the results of the exhibition-competition with the subsequent formation, display of the exposition and awarding of diplomas in Tula is expected in October 2017.

Contact information:

Deputy chairman of competition organizing committee

Sergey Dorogan,  Tel.: +7 (4872) 355-516, mob.: 8-910-942-46-12, fax: (4872) 35-58-73, 

E-mail: sdorogan@tretyput.ru, www.tretyput.ru