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The Fifth Open All-Russian Poster Contest "STRENGTH IN UNITY!" 2021

The Fifth Open All-Russian Poster Contest "STRENGTH IN UNITY!" 2021

Poster project "Russia. The Third Path" was born on the Tula land. Since 2013, four contests have been held, thousands of works have been received from most regions of Russia and foreign countries. Exhibitions of the best posters were shown in many cities of the country, poster were exhibited in Moscow and abroad.

The Fifth Open All-Russian Poster Contest is implemented with the use of a grant of the President of the Russian Federation, sponsor funds of the ANO "The Third Path". As a result of the project, an album and a selection of the best posters were published, which are sent to all regions of Russia.


The main topic of the 2021 project "STRENGTH IN UNITY!" is aimed at the protection of the sovereignty and independence of the country, maintenance of civil peace and harmony, strengthening the rule of law and eradication of corruption.  The motto proclaims the strengthening of traditional values, the active study and preservation of cultural and historical heritage, the worthy coexistence of nature and man.

Russian and foreign guests of the Fifth Open Poster Contest are invited to pay attention to climate problems and environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, peculiarities of their own states and lands, to reflect universal values and guidelines, ideas of peaceful coexistence.

The most urgent and real threat for everyone is the topic of pandemic, quarantine and vaccination, the implementation of new opportunities for the post-COVID period.

A wide range of topics is offered about achievements, about today's problems and peculiarities, acute, topical issues about moral and physical health, about the present and future of Russia and the world:

The Motherland. History lessons.

Trust is the energy of the future.

The native language is the heritage of the nation.

ISO-isolation (posters about the pandemic and quarantine, about creativity as salvation). Earth. Nature. Human.

Brands of territories (thematic poster).

The content of the posters can be expanded on the authors' own initiative within the framework of the proposed main topics, as well as dedicated to the anniversary dates of 2021-2022.

Advertising poster of Russian brands.

Logos of regions (emblems).

In additional categories, it is proposed to make advertising posters of famous products and products that are symbols of Russia. Logos of regions should reflect the individuality and

attractiveness of this region in a concise form (regions, republics); Special prizes of enterprises and regions are possible for these nominations.

Posters of foreign authors are reviewed in a separate nomination.


The works submitted for the competition must be created no earlier than 2019 and have not taken part in previous projects. They must meet the following requirements: link with the stated

subject matter, artistic expressiveness, originality, style integrity, compositional completeness.

Works made in any technique in digitized (reshaped, scanned) form or directly by computer are accepted for participation in the competition.

The format of the posters should be at least 70 cm and not more than 120 cm on the larger side. The proportions of the sides: 2/3, 3/4. For digitized mockups, the resolution is 150-200 dpi, 1:1 scale

in the CMYK format.

For pre-selection, poster reproductions should be submitted by e-mail at

infoplakat@tretyput.ru, A4 format files in RGB, jpg with 200 dpi resolution, compression (Quality) -

7.  The file is named in Latin letters by the last name of the author and the city, with an ordinal number in case of submitting several works without a space (for example: ivanov_moskva01). The submitted

work should be accompanied by a cover letter in Microsoft Word format, indicating the author’s/ authors’ name, year of birth, e-mail, phone, detailed address, filenames, title of the work and the year when the poster was created.  Posters without the accompanying information will not be accepted. The received preliminary images of the posters are posted on the project's website www.tretyput.ru in the category "Poster Contest / Posters sent to the contest". Each poster is assigned with an identification code (a letter and two numbers) in the order the work has been received for further anonymous evaluation during the voting.

It is possible to receive sketches by regular mail. The date on the postmark when sending will be considered the date of submission of the application.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to give recommendations to the authors on enhancement of the submitted works and not to engage in further discussion.

The authors of the selected posters are notified about the acceptance of their work to be shown at the final exhibition.  The full-size originals are accepted in electronic format with 150-200 dpi resolution for further printing at the expense of the organizers of the exhibition.  The file is uploaded to the file sharing service, the link to which should be sent to the address of the competition Organizing Committee at infoplakat@tretyput.ru.

Posters that incite interethnic discord, contain exhortation to violence, extremism and terrorism, racial and religious hatred, propaganda of drugs and non-traditional orientation, elements of pornography are not accepted or reviewed.


The posters can be submitted and will be uploaded on the project site from July 2021 to December 25, 2021.

Before the start of the jury's work, a public vote is held on the project website.

The jury determines the winners of the competition when they form the final list of selected candidates for the final exhibition.

The first exhibition will open in the beginning of 2022 in the city of Tula, where the winners and diploma holders of the competition will be announced, and their awarding will take place.

The Organizing Committee summarizes the results of the voting of the first stage, approves the results of the jury's work, determines the amount of the prize fund, announces the names of the


The winners of the awards receive a diploma of the laureate. In addition to the laureates, the jury determines the winners of the competition for the high quality of the submitted works. Participants of the final exhibition of the project receive certificates of contest participants. To encourage the participants of the competition, the Organizing Committee may establish special prizes and diplomas.


Participation of the authors' works in the project means an automatic confirmation of their consent to the conditions of participation, to mass reproduction of the posters and further circulation in

landscape, booklet, postcard and other printing and electronic formats produced within the framework of this project.

After the end of the exhibition, the works submitted for the competition will form an exhibition fund for retrospective shows. The results of the competition and the works of the winners will be published in the media and on the project website.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use all the submitted materials to advertise the project. The exhibitors are entitled to use the official symbols of the project for their own advertising purposes.

The property rights of the authors for the subsequent reissue of posters are fully preserved with the possible conclusion of individual copyright agreements. The use of advertising posters of Russian brands and logos of regions of additional nominations by third parties is allowed only after the conclusion of an agreement with the author of the poster and with the mandatory indication (publication) of the project website www.tretyput.ru.

The applicant is responsible for the authorship of the works submitted for the contest.

Contact information: Sergey Dorogan, Tel.+7 (4872) 355-516, +7-910-942-46-12, sdorogan@tretyput.ru,

Annex 1

to the Provision of

the V All-Russian Poster Contest

Main anniversaries of 2021-2022

800th anniversary of the birth of Prince Alexander Nevsky (1221)

350th anniversary of the birth of the Russian Emperor Peter I (1672)

300th anniversary of the proclamation of the Russian Empire (1721)

200 years since the birth of F.M. Dostoevsky (1821)

200 years since the birth of N.A. Nekrasov (1821)

100th anniversary of the end of the Russian Civil War (1922)

100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR (1922)

80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)

60th anniversary of the first space flight in the history of mankind by Yu. Gagarin (1961) 30th anniversary of the collapse of the USSR (1991)